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About Us...

Why #TheLextropolis was started...I got an answer!

My eyes become teary as I think back seven years ago when Patrick J Mitchell and myself sat at the round table in my office discussing with Joy Bolton-Berry, Dana S. Branham, Brent Mason, and Joyce Johnson our plans regarding The Lextropolis.


Our Team has grown since that day, a few have moved on to other things but continue to give us support! The FOUR MUSKETEERS - Patrick, Joy, Dana, and yours truly have given a lot of time, commitment, dedication, and love of our Community through the magazine. For that, I will always be grateful! I love you guys for believing in what we were doing...
telling our stories and spotlighting our youth and black businesses.

Some ask why? Why is it needed...well, when you look at how our communities are being portrayed in mainstream media, all you see are the negative views, like our communities are the only ones that have drug trafficking, robberies, or people in handcuffs going to jail. Never do you see the CEOs, Doctor's, Lawyers, the heroes and sheroes, the neighbor next door, or about events being held in the community. The Lextropolis you can identify with the stories. Our children need to see positive stories, they need to know that they can be the things they see. It's not a black thing or a white, red, or green thing. It's about giving our communities a voice! I could go on and on...but I think you get the just of it all.

So with all that being said, a BIG SHOUT OUT to THE LEXTROPOLIS TEAM -

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!

The Team is still growing, we've lost a few along the way so they could further their aspirations to do other things. We salute them for their commitment and continued support!

Check out the very first year...I'm happy to see the growth!!

Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and surrounding areas...we appreciate the love and support you have shown The Lextropolis!


In case you didn't know we have viewers throughout the country... individuals who have ties to our area. Perhaps they once lived here or thinking of moving here.. it's Phenomenal!!

Tell all your friends and family...if they are not on social media we can send the Mag to their email each month just email us at; put "JOIN" in the subject line...

...AND for your advertising needs please reach out to our Sales Team at 859-429-1442 or

  859-433-8440. We can't survive without your support!!


"Stop doing Business in the dark...Let us help you bring your Business to the light"

Debora Logan-Lawson



Acclamation  Award

...was Presented to Debora Logan-Lawson,

Chief Operating Officer of "The Lextropolis" Magazine by Kentucky State Representative Mr. George Brown on December 21st, 2020.

She was surprised by Rep. Brown and his cohort Ms. Connie Rayford, Sales Rep for The Lextropolis at her day office on this day.

To say the least, Ms. Lawson was very surprised and very gracious to the Honorable Governor Steve Beshear for his efforts in recognizing the hard work of Ms. Lawson and the entire Lextropolis team.  

The Lextropolis was also presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from The Kentucky State House of Representatives, also presented by Rep. George Brown. 

Ms. Lawson and Team Lextropolis humbly accept these acknowledgments and appreciate the love from the community, the City of Lexington, and the State of Kentucky for seeing us and also believing in The Lextropolis.


Also, in attendance was Mr. John Logan Jr., The Lextropolis Advisory Board Member, and brother of Debora Logan-Lawson.  


Thank you Lexington!!

October was our 5th Anniversary and full of whirlwind events. On October 10th we celebrated virtually due to Covid-19 with our many online fans; hosting a 12-hour Give-a-way. Many fans, friends, and team members made personal videos showing their appreciation of The Lextropolis Magazine throughout the month.

On October 31st the Owner/CEO, Debora Logan-Lawson was surprised by her team,  friends, and Lexington's 1st District Councilman James Brown via Zoom; and was presented with a Proclamation signed by Mayor Linda Gorton but presented by Brown.   A few days later Brown personally brought the award to Lawson at her office. Ms. Lawson and the team of Lextropolis humbly accept this honor from our city and we look forward to the years to come, sharing our stories.

Special Thanks to Mayor Gorton, Councilman James Brown, Priscilla Fogle - Johnson, Joy Bolton-Berry, and Connie Rayford. Your continued support is greatly appreciated!


Let’s grow, let’s grow together! 

The Lextropolis Team

Thank you Troutman & Napier!!

 Troutman & Napier solicited small businesses to apply for the sponsorship of $1000. It could be for start-up or for the enhancement of your business!!!. He had posted a video regarding the sponsorship and encouraged anyone to apply. So....I did!!

Found out last week that we WON!!!
TODAY (9/16/19) #TheLextropolis met with Greg Napier talked about the Lextropolis and were presented with the check. 
We are very grateful for this opportunity and for the generosity of Troutman & Napier.

Click on the link to view video:

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